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Services - Into The Grey


Individual Therapy

 $150/55 minutes

Are there mental health challenges keeping you from reaching your dreams? Work one-on-one with me as we look to collaboratively discover your best hopes and then develop the skills to achieve them. I utilize a solution-focused brief therapy approach supplemented with tools from dialectical behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. I strive to create a trauma-informed and inclusive space that allows persons to discuss all aspects of themselves and overcome whatever may be holding them back.

I specialize in working with:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Trauma
• Relationship Challenges
• LGBTQ+ Challenges
• Racial Trauma

Group Therapy

 $60/90 minutes

Work as a member of a group to develop mental health skills to overcome the challenges in your life. I offer classes to develop a broad range of psychoeducational skills, including dialectical behavioral therapy skills and acceptance and commitment therapy skills. Groups are constructed with an emphasis on fun and modern teaching theory, with a fluid format that allows us to pivot as needed to overcome obstacles as they arise.

Individual Wellness Coaching

 $150/55 minutes

Feeling like you’re doing alright but want some support in reaching your greatest dreams? Work with me to develop a personalized coaching plan and customized tools that emphasize both efficiency and sustainability to help you draw closer to your best self.

Organizational Consulting

 Contact me for pricing

Every organization can be effective and equitable. Work with me to analyze your organization at multiple levels and and then develop a plan to transform your organization to become more productive and more antiracist.  I have worked with a variety of organizations from large governmental organizations to smaller religious congregations to allow them to find the means to become more equitable and inclusive. I specialize in a concurrent top-down and bottom-up approach that emphasizes policy review/analysis as well as individual skill and capacity building to allow for both leaders and employees to be empowered to create healthier organizations.

Public Speaking

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Sometimes, a few choice words can serve as the catalyst for change. I love to share stories interwoven with research that encourage a diversity of people to reach further in the pursuit of stronger, more equitable societies.

Online Courses: Coming Soon

Prices vary  based on course

We create courses designed to fully embrace the tenets of modern teaching theory. Explore numerous topics that encourage growth in a variety of topics in a “gamified,” engaging environment meant to make learning genuinely delightful.

Questions and Answers

The core difference is that mental health therapy is focused on treating mental health disorder while coaching is focused on supporting you in driving towards your goals when you’re in a place of relative stability. 

If you feel like anxiety, depression, out of control emotions, crippling stress, or other distressing mental health symptoms are making it difficult to live a rich life, then mental health therapy is probably a great fit for you.

If you feel like you’re doing alright but that you feel like there could be more for you out there, that you want to go further and faster in reaching for your brightest dreams, then wellness coaching is probably right for you.

Currently, I only see clients who are 18 or older.

My approach is largely based around the tenets of solution focused brief therapy. Rather than focusing heavily on the things holding you back from being your best self, we’ll instead focus on what your best hopes are and then take the steps to get there! I typically offer a range of skills catered to each person from acceptance and commitment therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy to assist in reaching your goals.

My work is informed by years of experience engaging in equity work in personal, community, and organizational levels. I endeavor to explore challenges together with curiosity and cultural humility rather than by whipping out simplistic or generalized answers. I believe each relationship must be approached as the unique intersection of persons and ideas that it is and I hope to make this clear throughout all of my work.

I accept most insurances in the state of Colorado. I also offer sliding scale/Choose your own price for those without insurance or who don’t want to use their insurance.

Not generally. All of my services are made to fully capitalize on the online format in order to be maximally inclusive.

Consultancy work varies according to the organization. Generally speaking, we’ll first set what the organizational goals and intentions are, then I’ll get to work by collaborating with existing groups. I’ll find what the best practices are within the organization and ways to combine these best practices with the practices I’ve learned from my years of organizational development experience. My approach strives to empower employees in the organization while also motivating persons to take on new behaviors to drive the organization forward in a sustainable, healthy way.

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