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Victoria S. Grey

My Story

From an early age, I’ve always been fascinated with learning how to reduce human suffering so that we might draw closer to our dreams. 

I am the black, multiracial, and nonbinary child of a black father and a white mother who fled their homes to escape discrimination. I experienced the stress of a poverty-stricken family which was further racked by the pain of unmanaged mental health disorders and substance use. Certainly, from these early years, I could weave a truly monstrous tapestry of human suffering. But I found that I was not interested in weaving such tales. Instead, I wished to weave tales of hope, resilience, and wonder. So instead I dedicated myself to finding new ways to overcome trauma, both for myself and for others. New ways for persons to embrace the most marvelous lives they could imagine despite all the storm and stress of the world. However, I was also interested in finding new new ways to create more equitable, inclusive societies so that trauma and injustice may not arise from the offset.

In my pursuit to find these new ways of overcoming trauma and creating equitable societies, I’ve explored a variety of fields. I’ve worked as a biological research scientist, explored a great deal of existential philosophy as a scholar, served in the U.S. Army as an officer, attended seminary to explore the option of becoming a Buddhist priest, and finally settled into the field of social work as a mental health clinician and policy consultant. I was (and am) glad to find that each field offered lessons that I use in my work today.

I remain perpetually engaged in continuing studies of philosophy, psychology, social work, leadership, and educational theory and my passion is to express these ideas in an engaging, personalized way to help persons and organizations draw ever closer to their best hopes.

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